Strategic Partners

ValGenesis has been helping Life science companies to bring products to market quickly, safely and efficiently by delivering an integrated validation lifecycle management software solutions for computer systems validation, process validation, equipment qualification, cleaning validation, method validation and commissioning & qualification activities that enables data integrity, good document practices, consistency, control and transparency across the entire organization.

Independent Inspection Technologies

Serving the Pharmaceutical and Microelectronic Industries, Independent Inspection Technologies Inc. (IIT) is a full service provider of QA/QC solutions.  With a proven process and a team of experienced professionals, IIT executes your project, including project planning, source inspection, on-site inspections and final turnover package.  IIT provides the following services: welder certification, routine and borescope weld inspections, slope verification, pressure test verification, material inspection. Serving the Pharmaceutical and Microelectronic Industries, Independent Inspection

International Pharmaceutical Academy

IPA is a progressive Canadian organization dedicated to be the primary provider of Quality Education and Training for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Biologics, Cosmetics, and Allied Industries.

Novatek International

Since 1996, Novatek International has been providing a new breed of all-encompassing, process-driven LIMS software solutions that target the pharmaceutical, biotech and other health-care industries.

Drug Development Resources

DDR provides hands-on, results-driven Chemistry, Manufacture, and Control (CMC) consulting services to the biopharmaceutical industry.  DDR consultants focus on rapid assessment of individual client needs and timely implementation of customized solutions.