VTI has validation experience in Sterile Parenteral Formulation, Biologics (vaccine, blood products), Biotechnology (monoclonal, mammalian, insects, virus, bacterial and plants) and Fill/Finish Facilities for production of small volume injectables as well as experience in cleanroom suites for dispensing, preparation, and filling.  We also provide services for the validation of automated CIP/SIP system.

VTI has validation expertise and experience for equipment used in the manufacture of Sterile Injectables: stopper washers, autoclaves, depyrogenation ovens, tunnel sterilizers, bioreactors, purification skids, UF/DF skids, filtration skids, filling machines, mixing tanks, packaging machines, labelers, etc.  Expertise also includes process validation for Biologics, Biotechnology and Sterile Filling processes.