Herbal Medicine

herbalYour Strategic Partner for Legal Medical Cannabis and Herbal Manufacturing, Quality Regulation and Compliance

VTI Life Science has been supporting many legal State approved Medical Cannabis grower and manufacturer of cannabis derived products such as hemp and CBDs,  since the inception of cannabis medical marijuana laws and the licensing of producers. Working closely with partners, VTI Life Science has worked with producers and manufacturers to meet the new and ever-changing scope of the industry sector they have entered. Today we support Cannabis and Herbal medicine producers and manufacturers globally in the validation of their facilities, laboratory and processes in Canada, USA, European and far east countries.

We have support legal Medical Cannabis and Herbal supplement in setting up their QC Laboratories in meeting Cannabis agency rigid regulatory in requirements ISO 17025, ASTM, AOC and other standards. We have support Legal Medical Cannabis manufacturer with design review, developing their site Validation Master Plans, cleaning validation, contamination control, equipment qualification and process validation activates.

With over 25 years of experience working in the regulated field with multinationals, VTI Life Science have a clear understanding of creating value and optimizing systems to reduce risk and ensure compliance with governmental guidelines. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, VTI Life Science has the global expertise to work with clients to enable them to deliver consistent quality products.

We can draw deep on our understanding of the regulatory landscape to help your organization implement reliable and repeatable solutions to meet your clients and governmental high standards.